Grammarly Student Discount 2020

Grammarly is a tool that’s designed to help you edit and improve your writing without the added homework you may have had in high school. Here we share Grammarly Discounts for Students 2020 to get up to 61% off instantly on the premium version. Grammarly is a freemium productivity tool to make their online writing clear and effective.

Grammarly Discount

This tool automatically checks every aspect of your writing, including grammar, spelling, and other common issues. With Grammarly premium, you can check Sophisticated grammar, Contextual spelling, Advanced punctuation, Vocabulary enhancements, and synonyms within texts, documents, messages, and social media posts.

Premium Features That Make Grammarly Worthy

Plagiarism Checker

In my Blogging career, I always do my best to write unique contents because Google algorithms penalize websites that have duplicate contents. But sometimes mistakenly some phrases become duplicate because thousands of websites are online with the same topics.

Plagiarism feature becomes very helpful for me to check out my article from plagiarism. It allows users to scan their contents to found duplicate phrases. Actually, Grammarly service has saved thousands of website data in its database. Whenever we turn on plagiarism function, it matches each line with its service database and alerts us if any phrase match with another publisher post.

Vocabulary Enhancement

How many times do you find a word that you was not familiar with on website?
As I am a non-native English speaker, my vocabulary is not too good and many times I find words on the internet which were unknown to me. And to check its meaning, I open Google translator every time which takes much time.

But when I join Grammarly it makes everything easy for me. Now I have turned on function on my browser and whenever I found an unknown word I just double-click on it. And a pop-up appears that shows me all the details about the word. So, Grammarly is a worthy tool to enhance vocabulary too.

Document Type Selection

Document type selection is a premium feature which allows the user to select the type of document writing. In the beginning, I was not familiar with this feature but after using it, I feel it useful for some reasons. This feature changes the suggestion service.

Grammarly Student Discount

As you know that writing a book is different from writing a blog post. So, this feature can help you by suggesting words according to the type and style of phrases you are writing.

If you are having issues with Grammarly, then must check out following Grammarly alternatives to find similar services and tools.

Grammarly Student Discount

Whether you’re writing a last-minute essay or sending an email, Grammarly helps you. With everything. Grammarly uses a finely trained and tuned Artificial Intelligence model that has an accuracy of 98%. It is by far the most popular writing enhancement tool on the internet available.

There are two specific plans that Grammarly offers. First is the Grammarly Free plan. It has features like simple spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and preposition checkers. The other one is Grammarly Premium, which is a paid service they offer. It has features like:

  •  In-built and best-in-class plagiarism detector
  • Suggestions for vocabulary enhancement
  • Sentence structuring and sentence formation
  • Get suggestions based on your writing goals

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