New Animated Sticker Packs

WhatsApp Getting 4 New Animated Sticker Packs

Just a few days ago WhatsApp was updated with 5 great news, and one of them was the arrival of animated stickers. Yes, it is something that comes quite late that other platforms such as Telegram or iMessage already had, but it is a novelty in WhatsApp. After all, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world and any change, no matter how small, affects millions of people.

New Animated Sticker Packs

Today WhatsApp has included 4 new packs of animated stickers in its application that you are waiting to start using. You just have to download them and start using them and share them with your contacts. In order to download or view these animated stickers, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on our iPhone from the App Store.

How to download the new animated WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp now has 4 new animated sticker packs that we can download from its store, although this type of stickers can also be downloaded from other applications or from the web. WhatsApp has some completely free sticker packs and this is how you can download them to your iPhone:

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone, remember to have the latest updated version.
  • In the text box, you will see a stickers icon, click on it.
  • The most used stickers will open and above you will see the downloaded packs.
  • On the right side click on the “+”.
  • The WhatsApp sticker store will open.
  • Those with an icon with a “play” are the animated sticker packs, now we have 4 new ones.
  • Just click on the arrow on the right to download them to your iPhone and share them.

Once downloaded these new animated sticker packs will be available to share from the stickers tab, by clicking on the sticker icon in the text box. A long-awaited novelty for years and that WhatsApp is now incorporating quite quickly with new packs.

RedLobster Customer Feedback Survey

RedLobsterSurvey will provide valuable feedback and suggestions to decision-makers of Red Lobster so that they will work on the service gap and improve their customer service. To improve customer experience, Red Lobster runs a survey known as RedLobsterSurvey. Read the full article to get a detailed guide regarding the survey at They are rightly called “Harbor for Seafood Lovers”.

red lobster survey

Whenever we are in the mood of delicious seafood, Red Lobster is the first name that comes in our mind. The seafood restaurant chain is worldwide famous for serving delicious seafood and providing the best possible experience for all customers.

What is RedLobsterSurvey Customer Satisfactory Survey?

RedLobsterSurvey is basically a customer satisfaction survey where customers can give their valuable opinions, suggestions, complaints and win a grand cash prize of $1000.

RedLobsterSurvey will provide valuable feedback and suggestions to decision-makers of Red Lobster so that they will work on the service gap and improve their customer service.

As result, the customers will get better service whenever next time they visit Red Lobster outlet in the future.

Cleanliness of the store, co-operatives of the working staff, availability of the food items, price, quality of the food items are some topics of questions asked in the RedLobsterSurvey.

After completing the survey, you will enter into a drawing to win a grand cash prize of $1,000.

Red Lobster Survey Step by Step Guide

  • Log on to the Red Lobster survey official website.
  • Enter the survey ID number printed on the centre of your receipt, then click the start button.
  • Select answers to questions like “Where were you seated?” based on your visit.
  • Give your ratings to statements like “The lobby staff greet you promptly” based on your visit.
  • Answer open questions such as “What did you like most about your visit?” based on your visit.
  • Enter the amount of your purchase.
  • Select answers to the questions related to your personal information such as your gender.
  • Enter your personal contact information such as your name, phone number, etc. and click “Next” to finish the survey.

The Importance of RedLobsterSurvey

Nowadays, a customer feedback survey has become extremely important and a crucial part of every business. It is considered an effective way for customers to share their thoughts and opinions. The company can gather customer feedback without any trouble. It is very important for the company to hear from the customers about how they feel. Red Lobster always inspires their consumers to provide honest feedback. Positive or negative, always share your honest opinion. Depending on your feedback, the company will take necessary steps to provide better service by improving any of their shortcomings. The exciting offers at the end of the survey make it more interesting for the customers.

technology in education

The Technological Revolution in Education

The figure of the teacher is unquestionable, but the tools that are being incorporated into the teaching world are changing their working methods. Technological advances offer novel and alternative proposals in the world of education, which will be implemented based on the results. The old platform, the traditional blackboard with chalk and an eraser, have given way to more functional furniture, new work tools, with digital whiteboards, projectors and laptops and tablets on the tables.

technology in education

Technological advances are already in the hands of our children. They are part of your life. Hence, Telefónica launched Talentum Schools a few years ago, an initiative by which children become creators of digital goods. Through workshops, the kids develop skills and work with tools that motivate and develop their capacity for innovation. Ultimately, they stop being mere consumers to become generators of these digital goods.

Students, born in this digital scenario, nevertheless need a teacher who is also familiar with these new technologies to guide them and guide them through a changing digital environment that offers enormous possibilities if used properly. Without forgetting, on the other hand, that technology applied to the world of education cannot be exclusive. And that it will never be the panacea to end school failure, nor can it replace the teacher. Training requires a close and pedagogical relationship between teacher and student.

It is a veritable fact that classroom doors are giving way to the push of new technological advances. However, the most innovative experiences need to be further evaluated. At the Faculty of Computer Science of the Complutense University of Madrid, for example, students make a summary of it at the end of their classes, through an app, which is then evaluated by the teacher.


Bolotweet is the name assigned to the device launched by Computer Engineering students at the Complutense University of Madrid, which allows taking notes, preparing exams and knowing the degree of attention, as well as the level of understanding of the subject taught by the professor. Thanks to this new application, the student can summarize in 170 characters what he considers most important in the teacher’s presentation.

These annotations of the students serve as continuous evaluation, according to the professor of this Faculty of Informatics, Jorge Gómez Sanz, in the newspaper “La Razón”. Students upload their assessments to the cloud, through a laptop, tablet or smartphone. In such a way that the teacher can know in almost real-time the degree of attention of the student and his own ability to make his dissertation comprehensive.

Other advantages of Bolotweet is that it helps the teacher to identify how students are acquiring knowledge, at the same time that they improve the preparation of the exams, taking as a reference the best micronations that have been produced during the course.

Over time, the smartphone will become a regular work tool for the little ones in the classroom, instead of mere entertainment outside of them. Well, as Menchu ​​Garralón, coordinator of Pedagogical Innovation at Colegio Alborada, in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), also said recently in “La Razón”, “it makes no sense to continue teaching students of the XXI century and teachers of the XX century with methodology 19th century. New technologies are no longer the future, they are the present ”.

According to a study carried out by Ipsos in October this year, only 35% of teachers in Spain use technology daily in their classes and 8 out of 10 do so weekly. The technological revolution in the classroom is still a pending issue.

Grammarly Student Discount 2020

Grammarly is a tool that’s designed to help you edit and improve your writing without the added homework you may have had in high school. Here we share Grammarly Discounts for Students 2020 to get up to 61% off instantly on the premium version. Grammarly is a freemium productivity tool to make their online writing clear and effective.

Grammarly Discount

This tool automatically checks every aspect of your writing, including grammar, spelling, and other common issues. With Grammarly premium, you can check Sophisticated grammar, Contextual spelling, Advanced punctuation, Vocabulary enhancements, and synonyms within texts, documents, messages, and social media posts.

Premium Features That Make Grammarly Worthy

Plagiarism Checker

In my Blogging career, I always do my best to write unique contents because Google algorithms penalize websites that have duplicate contents. But sometimes mistakenly some phrases become duplicate because thousands of websites are online with the same topics.

Plagiarism feature becomes very helpful for me to check out my article from plagiarism. It allows users to scan their contents to found duplicate phrases. Actually, Grammarly service has saved thousands of website data in its database. Whenever we turn on plagiarism function, it matches each line with its service database and alerts us if any phrase match with another publisher post.

Vocabulary Enhancement

How many times do you find a word that you was not familiar with on website?
As I am a non-native English speaker, my vocabulary is not too good and many times I find words on the internet which were unknown to me. And to check its meaning, I open Google translator every time which takes much time.

But when I join Grammarly it makes everything easy for me. Now I have turned on function on my browser and whenever I found an unknown word I just double-click on it. And a pop-up appears that shows me all the details about the word. So, Grammarly is a worthy tool to enhance vocabulary too.

Document Type Selection

Document type selection is a premium feature which allows the user to select the type of document writing. In the beginning, I was not familiar with this feature but after using it, I feel it useful for some reasons. This feature changes the suggestion service.

Grammarly Student Discount

As you know that writing a book is different from writing a blog post. So, this feature can help you by suggesting words according to the type and style of phrases you are writing.

If you are having issues with Grammarly, then must check out following Grammarly alternatives to find similar services and tools.

Grammarly Student Discount

Whether you’re writing a last-minute essay or sending an email, Grammarly helps you. With everything. Grammarly uses a finely trained and tuned Artificial Intelligence model that has an accuracy of 98%. It is by far the most popular writing enhancement tool on the internet available.

There are two specific plans that Grammarly offers. First is the Grammarly Free plan. It has features like simple spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and preposition checkers. The other one is Grammarly Premium, which is a paid service they offer. It has features like:

  •  In-built and best-in-class plagiarism detector
  • Suggestions for vocabulary enhancement
  • Sentence structuring and sentence formation
  • Get suggestions based on your writing goals
Smartphone's Touch Keyboard

How To Type Faster on Your Smartphone’s Touch Keyboard

Older cell phones had a keyboard known as a numeric keypad, consisting mainly of a key block with numbers and symbols that contained all the letters of the alphabet distributed among 12 keys. For those of us who owned a cell phone with a keyboard like these, we learned to develop strategies for typing faster. One of them was to learn how many “touches” you needed to hit the key to write the letter you wanted.

Smartphone's Touch Keyboard

With the advent of touchscreen cell phones, all this changed. Most of the current mobiles incorporate a QWERTY keyboard directly on the device screen, which includes a better distribution of all the letters of the alphabet. However, many people continue to have problems typing on these types of keyboards, so here are some tips to help you type faster on your mobile screen.


The most common ways of holding a mobile consist of (1) holding the device horizontally with both hands and using your thumbs to write; and (2) use one hand to hold the device and the index finger of the other to touch the screen.

Either of these two forms is correct, everything will depend on the comfort of the user and the size of the device that we hold. Because sometimes the bigger the device the more space we will have to cover and the two thumb technique may not work properly.

Another way to help us write on the screen of our mobile is to use a rigid case that allows us to hold the mobile to have both hands free and use all the fingers, just as we would do on the keyboard of a laptop.


The spell checker is the best or worse ally as we write. It is common for all smartphones to have this functionality, but if you still do not see it, you may need to activate it from the text input settings of your device.

The spell checker suggests word alternatives as we write to select the one that best suits what we mean. On the other hand, the autocorrect —that has caused us more than a misunderstanding— automatically corrects words that it considers incorrect for those that most closely resemble those written by the user.

The advantage of these two writing systems is that they learn the more we use them, so it is a good alternative to use them on a daily basis so that their correction alternatives are improving and adjusting better to our way of writing.


Instead of spending hours trying to write correctly, you can use alternative solutions that are much more comfortable for users, such as voice typing. The text input voice is much more common than before thanks to improved algorithms that enable this functionality.

This feature is already configured in almost all smartphones on the market, which appears regularly as a microphone icon next to the letters on the keyboard or in some other applications. By pressing this button, the system will record everything you say and automatically convert it to text so you can send the message faster.

Siri is a useful assistant that we can use on iOS devices. On Android devices, an interesting functionality is the one incorporated by Google Now, with Ok Google.


The Swype keyboards are designed specifically for touchscreen devices and were originally created for Android devices, but thanks to some third-party applications are now possible to install on iOS devices.

Swype is a predictive text input model where the user places himself on the on-screen keyboard and slides his finger through the letters to form a word. The path followed by your finger lights up with a pretty fun colour line. These types of keyboards have the same structure as a QWERTY keyboard and it has a database where it stores unknown words to detect them the next time the user types them.

Speed up your web browser

Tricks To Improve Browsing Speed in Firefox

For many, the Mozilla browser is still their favourite, and although Google Chrome is made with the majority of the market, there are still many who defend this great piece of software, which is also the only one of the main web browsers that do not track all and each of your movements. If you are one of those who use Firefox because they think it is better than Chrome, or simply because it meets what you need and you care about your privacy, today we bring you a series of tips to increase the speed with which you browse the web in Firefox.

Speed up your web browser

Before we begin, a little warning. Following these instructions will make you modify default values ​​in Firefox settings. If your browser works well enough and you don’t think it needs more speed, better leave it as it is. If you think you could benefit from a faster loading on the web or lower consumption of RAM, go ahead.


  • Open Firefox and in the address bar type ” about: config ” (without quotes) and press Enter.
  • You will see a Firefox security warning telling you that you are about to play with things from big people. Continue if you feel brave.
  • In the search box above, type ” network.http. «
  • Locate the entry ” network.http.pipelining ” and change its value to ” true by double-clicking on the line.
  • Locate the entry ” network.http.proxy.pipelining ” and change its value to true.
  • Locate the entry ” network.http.pipelining.maxrequests ” and change the numeric value to 10.

With this what you are doing are 2 things: enable pipelining, which allows the browser to make more than one request to a web page at the same time (by default only one is made); and setting the value to 10 the browser will make 10 requests at the same time. You can change the value to less or more to test how it works best for you.


To keep a lot of data accessible in a faster way, browsers store all kinds of information in cache, and although it is beneficial because it allows us to load pages that we visit very often a little faster, sometimes this is inefficient when we open many websites, the We close and Firefox is still using a lot of memory to cache them. To reduce the amount of RAM that the browser uses for its cache function, do the following:

Type ” about: config ” in the address bar again and press Enter.
In the search type ” browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewer “.
Change its value to 0 by double-clicking on the line and entering the new value.


The chances are that if you have the browser minimized it is because you are not using it, however, that does not prevent you from continuing to consume memory for each open tab and loaded extension that you have. With this trick, you can create a variable in the configuration that will reduce the memory consumption of Firefox when it is minimized.

  • Type ” about config ” in the address bar.
  • Right-click anywhere and select New -> yes / no to create a variable of value “true or false”.
  • In the drawer that appears type ” config.trim_on_minimize ” and press Enter.
  • Select True as the value, press Enter and restart Firefox.

If you want to return to the default values, you just have to follow the same steps and revert the changes. What will be simple since Firefox highlights which variables have been modified by the user?

Transfer All Data from Old to New Android

How to Transfer All Data from Old to New Android

In order not to lose a single one of your files, these recommendations will help you migrate all your data from one Android phone to another in a very simple way. The speed with which new products are released is impressive. We have just bought the latest model of cell phone and we already find that the brand has announced the launch of the next one, the worst thing is that we have become totally consumerist people and we want everything.

Transfer All Data from Old to New Android

This may not be your case and rather, you are changing your mobile because the previous one was lost, stolen, or it was just time to change it. In any case, it is advisable to take into account some recommendations to migrate data from one Android to another.

This task has become more complicated since the phones no longer only store the information from our contacts, but also images, videos, applications, text messages, special settings and other things more. But do not be discouraged, there are some tools that will make you enjoy your new Android phone in less time than you imagine.


In order not to lose a single one of your files, it is necessary to first make a backup of all your information. This is achieved by making a backup or backup that will allow you to migrate all your data from one Android phone to another in a simpler way. Here we leave you three alternatives with which you can achieve it.

My Backup

This application is available from the Play Store for free and allows us to make a backup of our data on our own computer, however, to transfer it to another device it is necessary that we purchase My Backup Pro. By purchasing the Pro version we will be able to install the application on several different devices – in this case, the old and the new Android phone. Both devices must be connected to the same network. When opening the application, the option to create an account for cloud backups appears, this is useful in case of loss or theft, but it is not necessary. My Backup Pro allows us to select what we want to migrate from Data(contacts, call logs, bookmarks, SMS, system settings, alarms, dictionaries, calendars, and music playlists) and Applications and multimedia (applications, photos, music, and videos).

Super Backup

This application allows you to make a backup copy of our installed applications, SMS, contacts, call logs, calendars and bookmarks. Unlike My Backup, the paid version of Super Backup only saves us from annoying ads. With this application, we can schedule automatic backups that are saved in Google Drive or Gmail and that can be downloaded to restore other devices and also ours.

Phone Transfer

Phone Transfer is a desktop program, available for Windows and Mac OSX, that allows you to migrate data from one phone to another. It also has several modes of transfer: from phone to phone (this is the one used for Android devices), restore iPhone, restore from backup and delete your old phone. Phone Transfer allows you to migrate contacts (name, number, email, address, company name, title, etc.), messages, call logs, music, video, images, applications, playlists, song lyrics, photo album and more. After installing the program, both phones are connected through the USB ports of the computer so that Phone Transfer can detect the models and carry out the data transfer.

Encrypt And Reset

Believe it or not, performing a computer restore to its factory settings does not ensure that our personal data is completely removed. Usually what is done with this method is to indicate to the system that all our data can be overwritten with new ones and, although it is not an easy task, there may be people who can access the old data of the mobile that we are restoring.

To avoid this type of problem, Android has a functionality that allows us to encrypt our data. Encryption is a process in which information is transformed so as not to allow other people to read it. To encrypt our data before a factory reset, go to your Android Settings and tap on the Security option to select Encryption. To carry out this operation, it is recommended that you have the battery of the equipment fully charged or connected to power because the process can take up to an hour and if the operation is interrupted, it may cause a total or partial loss of data. You can encrypt accounts, settings, applications, data, multimedia files and other types of files.

Once the encryption or encryption is finished, you can now restore your device to the factory settings, for this go to Settings / Backup and select Reset factory data. After the restoration, you can turn off the computer and remove the SD card to use it on another computer. On Android Lollipop computers, the factory reset encrypts our data automatically.